Pole-Star - a globally recognized brand since 2002

Pole-Star is a professionally managed group specializing in representing foreign companies in India in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and consumer goods segments

Pole-Star strives to achieve growth treating its principals, suppliers, buyers, agents & employees as stakeholders in its business

Pole-Star imbibes in its employees the qualities of entrepreneurial spirit, team play, commitment, responsiveness, responsibility & attention to details

Group Quality Policy

Team Pole-Star will forever endeavor to supply quality products pursuing customer satisfaction holistically as an uncompromising continuous journey of learning and improvement

Group Mission Statement

Team Pole-Star
is committed to enriching all entities it interfaces - qualitatively through its professionalism & humane approach; quantitatively through wealth creation & sharing

Team Pole-Star takes pride in achieving success through smart work-methodologies, dynamism, versatility, best value systems & ethics of highest order

Team Pole-Star is determined to diligently create & earn global acclaim for "Brand - Pole-Star" as a reliable channel partner

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• Marketing
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• Pharmaceuticals
• Nutraceuticals
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• Food Ingredients
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